Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies: “kill them all” and “y’all should lynch mob his ass”

Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies:

Two Sheriff’s Deputies in Bexar County, Texas are in hot water over their recent social media postings. One deputy, when asked what should be done about rioters and looters, posted a meme from Starship Troopers that said ‘kill them all’.


Another Deputy had been in previous trouble for posting on one of his social media accounts that “you should all lynch mob his ass”. Not sure who the deputy is referring to but besides using the terminology ‘lynch mob’ which can be construed as racist, a picture of a torch-bearing mob was included.


One of these deputies was essentially fired while the other was placed on leave. Can you guess which one was which? The kill ’em all guy was fired but the lynch mob guy was placed on leave pending ‘an internal investigation.

So how has the Bexar County Sheriff himself dealt with the situation? Rather than admonishing his deputies for being racist assclowns, he made it an ‘us vs. them’ kind of thing.



Most people who cry about their ‘freedom of speech’ usually think that protects them from the repercussions of such speech. It doesn’t.

It seems like the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has a problem from the top on down.

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