Savannah cop fired over ‘privileged’ Facebook post

Savannah cop fired over 'privileged' Facebook post

Recently, a Savannah, Georgia police officer was fired for a controversial post he allegedly had made on Facebook. Whenever local media says ‘controversial’ in these instances, they mean racist.

The officer in question is said to have posted the following on Facebook…


I’m glad I started off the new Keyboard Klan feature with this story because I’ve seen this ‘privilege’ meme before. That’s right folks. The good Savannah officer was far from the first person to post this copy and paste bullshit on the dumpster fire that is Facebook. I don’t know where it started but it seems to have gotten a number of people across the country fired.

So why is this racist? Well, if you have to ask, you might be a racist. It paints all black people with the broadest brush possible. It accuses them all of being on welfare while buying life’s luxuries while the poor white man has to pay for all this government support. Because there are absolutely no white folks on government assistance who won’t get a job. If you believe that, I have a trailer park I’d like to sell you.

But to all the other racists of Facebook, please, by all means, keep posting this meme to your accounts. Not only does it let me know who to avoid on Facebook but it also means there will probably be at least one more white guy on government assistance.

I actually commend the Savannah Police Department for firing this individual. I worry more about the police departments that don’t fire assclowns like this.

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