Trench’s adventures in Linux: Zorin OS 9 Core


Zorin OS Core has been one of my favorite Linux distros since OS 5 Core. Recently they announced the release of Zorin OS 9 Core. Again, this is another distro that I can’t say enough good things about.

OS 9 Core is based on Ubuntu 14.04 so it should be supported for a long time. Zorin had always prided itself on being the Linux distro that eases former Windows users into Linux. Not only does it do a great job of that but it’s a great distro for regular Linux users as well. It’s not the most customizable distro but has some great themes included. The look changer can make it feel like Windows 7, Windows XP or Gnome 2. IT also has three great looking and crisp themes in light, dark and blue. It comes pre-installed with Firefox as the browser however Zorin has a browser installer feature that will install Chrome and some other browsers as well. If you’re looking to get into Linux this is the distro for you. If you’re a current Linux user and just want something that works that you don’t have to mess around with Zorin is a great choice.

My only complaints are very minor ones. The first is that it didn’t come pre-installed with the Gdebi package manager but that can be quickly rectified. The other is that I wouldn’t really recommend Zorin OS 9 Core for older computers. It was very sluggish on my EEEBox however Zorin will more than likely be releasing their Lite version of 9 soon that is designed for older computers.

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