In favor of flavors


As I’m sure most of you know one of the big arguments against vaping and e-cigs is some of the sweeter flavors that they come in. A lot of people are convinced that flavors like cotton candy, that they always mention. will draw kids into vaping which will then lead to smoking. I know that sounds ludicrous but you’d be surprised how many people in positions of power believe that.

Anyway I was reading this article from the New York Times about the flavor controversy and it made me realize something. While I still enjoy the occasional tobacco flavored juice I can see why some people would not want that as they are former smokers trying to get away from that habit.

So if vaping and e-cigs were only limited to tobacco or menthol flavors not only would that create a temptation for former smokers to go back to smoking that could also actually lead kids who may be using e-cigs to smoke actual cigarettes.

Politicians are too stupid for their own good sometimes and they’re the ones deciding our fates.

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