U.S. Citizen Beheaded

Video Seems to Show Beheading of American:

An Islamic militant extremist website has posted a video showing an American being decapitated in retaliation for the prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq…

After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and cutting off his head with a large knife. They then held the head out before the camera.

To all you mutants that are already creaming your jeans looking for this video I only have one thing to say to you. Fuck you. You are below the reaches of depravity. You should have your breathing rights revoked. You are as low as a pedophile looking at child porn. Not only that you’re an enemy of this country if you get off watching this abomination. That man had a name and it was Nick Berg. He had a family. Think about that the next time you go looking for that video you sick freaks. I doubt that you will. You make me sick.

My condolences go out to the Berg family.

10 thoughts on “U.S. Citizen Beheaded”

  1. Yeah, it&#8217s sick what is going on over there. I do not condone our troop&#8217s behaviors either. I could understand getting a little crazy with beating the prisoners … but they have taken a page right out of high school hazing. It’s a little sickening to say the least. And I’m with you on the hatred from any son of a bitch who trolls their quickie p2p networks trying to get a copy of that video. I have a feeling my newest “midget minded buddy” will be first in line. He/She/It has a need to understand minds that can perform such hennas acts of inhuman abolition.


  2. she/ it? thanks. their is no solution for the Muslim problem well theirs 1 eradicate them all the whole religion is based on killing all invadels “non muslims”.manly the Jews. bush says on national TV after the 211 attacks the Muslim faith practices peace and prosperity only the radicals the enthusiasts were to blame.bull shit!! the whole religion is corrupt based on murder and being rewarded in heaven if to die fighting in a holy war.thats any Muslim straight to heaven.thats the men piloting those 747s that’s the men chopping off Americans heads then broadcasting it. in the eyes of all Muslims these are heroes brave soilgers giving their life for their religion and brothers. a religion witch makes people fearless willing to lay their life’s down. well send em to heaven do them a favor bomb their asses.this standing around in the streets training Muslims to police their own country. those police go home and pray to the same God laughing at the Americans for training them and fortifying them. u think if holy war broke out those police wouldn’t join their brothers. all Muslims are the enemy. this stand off will never end at this rate. we cant fight the enemy. just stand around losing soilgers to blind attacks and suicide bombings. we nuked the Japanese. whats the problem? any way the Jews are bound to wipe them out they do have nuckular weapons and they don’t ask permission haha Muslims


  3. For once NBKreb I have to agree with you. We should have turned the whole Middle East into glass when no one came forth with Osama’s head after 9-11. 2 things you are mistaken about though …

    1: The infidels are ALL non-believers … Jews are a piece of that, but basically if you&#8217re not Muslim, you&#8217re an infidel.

    2: According to their beliefs only the martyrs get to go to Allah&#8217s brothel. The guys to decapitated Nick Berg are only celebrated they have no heaven reward till they die while taking out a few infidels in the process.

    But your right, we shouldn&#8217t just be standing around loosing solders like we have been we should be tearing up the countryside and bringing swift justice to those involved. As far as civilian Americans are concerned &#8230 they should be told “get out of there or you&#8217re on your own.”


  4. 1) “Where’s the outrage from the left?” Last night I got to listen to KPFK, a Pacifica radio station. The entire hour of Tuesday Live was dedicated to this. The format is call-in, and lots of outraged Leftists (everything from liberal democrat to Marxist-Leninist) called in. There were a few freaks who thought Berg had it coming (and they gut shut down really fast). The reason you don’t hear the outrage of the Left is that the Left has few media voices left. We are (most of us) grieved, outraged, furious about the ghastly, barbaric decapitation of Nick Berg.

    What should be our response? If we slag Iraq, we convert every moderate muslim into an America-hating fundamentalist, all too ready to find eternal glory by taking a few (or a few thousand) of us with them. Let’s remember, “they” have the bomb, too.

    If we slag Iraq in order to stop an insurgency, we’re stooping to the level of Sadam, who merely gassed his insurgencies. In the long run, a BAD idea.

    If we don’t slag them, then we’re in a Vietnam type situation. The hearts and minds of the people can’t be won with bullets. They will resist with increasing ferocity and brutality. The Islamic world will discount that (our terrorists will become their freedom fighters) and see only our brutal attempts to suppress the insurgency. NOT GOOD EITHER.
    Fighting creeping fascism one HTML tag at a time.


  5. ok, i saw the video and its worse than you all think. wow, i couldnt hear what they were saying cuz i dont have a sound card in my computer… in this day and age who doesnt have a sound card… but for once i am thankful i couldnt hear what was going on. its something that not even movies could touch. its the saddest and most fucked up thing i have ever seen. its just too bad that someone is so high up on their stupid pedistal that they think they can order a beheading. what is the the 14th century?? i just cant believe what this world is coming to. i bet saddam is glad we didnt behead him……


  6. I saw the Daniel Pearl video and by description the Nick Berg video sounds quite similar. I downloaded D.P. on accident, and felt sick after … I won’t waste my lunch on this video.


  7. Ok…. I am one of those that saw the Nick Berg Video. While it was sickening, anxiety provoking, nasty and very sad. I was actually suprised. I think whoever they beheaded(if it was Nick Berg) was dead already. There was no blood gushing out as there should have been. The person did not put up a fight. Even if your tied up, it seems your body would naturally react and jerk around. I saw none of that. God Bless Nick Berg and the others. Also, May God Bless those who kill and torture people in such a way


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