Redneck Monday

I just love theme days.

South Caldwell students can wear attire that includes rebel flag:

A local high school banned attire that contained the confederate flag. Well, all the rednecks were so up in arms about it they repealed the ban. As usual, the excuse they give is they want to celebrate their southern heritage. I saw this on a local news channel too. You should have seen the people who were wearing these t-shirts. Trailer park trash every last one of them. So not only is the confederate flag the flag of racists, rednecks, and losers, it’s now officially the flag of white trash everywhere. Wear it with pride. This is why people from every other part of the country think everyone from the south is a toothless illiterate bumpkin.


According to Stone Cold has been involved in another domestic dispute. This time by pushing down his current girlfriend injuring her hands and knees. You can also check it out at The Smoking Gun. The WWE should not put him on TV for a while. The first time this happened I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now it’s obvious he has a problem. So personally I think the WWE should fire his ass on the spot. I have no tolerance for women beaters. It just shows how much of white trash pussy he is. And go figure, his new t-shirt being sold by the WWE has a confederate flag on it. There’s another one to be proud of.

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