Is Obama the antichrist?


Back during the 2004 election, I joked that John Kerry and John Edwards were antichrists.

I was going to make one about Senator Obama but he doesn’t look like anyone from a horror movie.

Since I was raised Roman Catholic I don’t believe in the end times or the Rapture so I don’t put too much stock into an antichrist. So do I think Senator Obama is the antichrist? Not in the least though. Even though he does fit that false messiah description. I don’t think Senator Obama did that on purpose but the Kool-Aid drinking sect of his supporters have.

Remember kids, not everyone on the right is religious and not all of us that are religious are nutbags.

One thought on “Is Obama the antichrist?”

  1. if you dont believe in God, then when the rapture takes place, if it is in our lifetime, then you will be left to world wars, and phamon, and EVERYTHING else the bible predicts. i know where i will be. Heaven. im not sure if i believe obama is the antichrist because, if the antichrist was going to be the president, then God would probabley not let that movie come out. we arent supposed to know who he is..


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