Live Long and Protest

If I had the time and resources and if I was a total geek I would make one of the greatest satire sites ever, if it hasn’t already been done. I would take a Star Trek slant on the current war on terror. There would be Intergalactic A.N.S.W.E.R. who would try to tell us that the Romulans are just a poor and oppressed people. who would say that we have no business being in the Neutral Zone and accuse the current President of the United Federation Of Planets of being controlled by a Ferengi dilithium crystal mining company. And my personal favorite, “Shuttle Captains for the Truth”. A previously unheard of ensign actually survives an away mission. He receives a commendation for being injured in battle but the truth is he just scratched himself with his communicator. When he’s discharged from Star Fleet after only three months he speaks out at several rallies in favor of the Borg. Then years later he tries running for President of the Federation claiming he singlehandedly defeated the Borg.

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