Laptop Problems

So my work laptop came preinstalled with 8GB of RAM. Recently, I started using three different browsers to keep all my projects separate. Those browsers would be, Vivaldi, Firefox, and begrudgingly, Chrome. I need to use multiple tabs on all three browsers, and that eats up a lot of memory.

So I ordered two 8GB sticks of ram to bring my laptop up to 16GB.

The laptop has a panel on it where I thought I could easily access the RAM.

That’s the door right there.

To my surprise, that door only allows access to one of the SODIMM slots. No problem, I’ll put in an 8GB stick there and call it a night.

This morning, I take off the bottom cover of the laptop and there’s no 2nd SODIMM slot, but 12GB of RAM is being read normally. It turns out that the other 4GB of RAM are soldered to the motherboard. I wish I had known that before ordering 16GB of RAM.

Oh well, at least I have spare ram if I need it, but why have one slot upgradeable while the other one isn’t? Is it to capture the much sought after 12GB and 20GB market?

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