My thoughts on the Capitol riot

Once again, I’m late in talking about this, but you should be used to it by now. However, I couldn’t shake the need to write about this.

When I was a Boy Scout we took a trip to Washington, DC and toured all the major attractions. Yes, I was a Boy Scout, no I wasn’t a very good one. Anyway, I remember walking up the steps inside the Capitol building and marveling how worn the steps were after almost 200 years of use. I thought about all the great legislators who helped wear down these marble steps. I kept this memory with me for decades, and it made me proud to be an American. Then this happened.

And that was probably one of the lesser offenses that happened on January 6th.

As I’m sure you know, the tangerine-tinged sex pest who passes as a president and his brain leaking attorney urged Trump rally goers to march to the Capitol on the basis of a conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from the delusional Trump.

However, protesting just wasn’t enough for the Gravy Seals. These conspiracy-fueled hate mongers had the temerity to storm the Capitol while Congress was ratifying the electoral votes that made Joe Biden our next President. They climbed all over the chambers of Congress like it was their own personal jungle gym. For a group of supposed patriots, their intent was to violently disrupt the results of a fair and democratic election.

I read somewhere online that someone said that this is a historic moment that everyone will remember where they were when it happened like 9/11 or the JFK assassination. I don’t know if it warrants that kind of status, but it sure will be a day that most of us will never forget.

After this happened, Trump should have resigned. Being the narcissistic megalomaniac that he is, he didn’t Mike Pence should have invoked the 25th Amendment. Being the coward that he is, he didn’t. Now, Trump has been impeached for the second time. One person is now responsible for 50% of all the presidential impeachments in American history.

Some people are wondering why Congress is bothering with an impeachment when Trump will be out of office in mere days. The first reason is that he won’t be able to run for President ever again. Considering the state he’s leaving the country in, this is a protection the country desperately needs. Secondly, he won’t be afforded the benefits and protections given to former presidents of our country.

Personally, I thought the 25th Amendment should have been invoked after the tape of Trump’s call to the Secretary of State of Georgia was released. To me, it sounds like Trump is either delusional or has some kind of dementia after listening to the phone call.

If he’s not mentally incapacitated, he should absolutely be prosecuted for this. Also, he can’t be pardoned for this, or pardon himself because presidential pardons do not apply to state charges.

Getting back to the Capitol, I’m actually a fan of one of the invaders. Not because of what he did on the 6th, but I am a fan of his music. Iced Earth founder Jon Schaffer is being sought by the FBI for his alleged participation in the storming of the Capitol.

Schaffer is supposedly Mr. Graybeard in the blue jacket.

I’ve been a fan of Iced Earth since the late 1990s. Sometime after 9/11, Schaffer became some kind of conspiracy theorist. I cut him some slack because it wasn’t pervasive in Iced Earth’s music. Plus, as far as I knew, his major conspiracy beliefs concerned the Federal Reserve as shown by his side project Sons of Liberty.

Even for being based on a conspiracy theory that is still a hell of a song.

However, as much of a fan I was of his, I can’t condone his actions at the Capitol. If reports are to be believed, he actively participated in trying to interfere with the election results. I feel bad for the rest of the band because they’ll take a lot of unnecessary heat for Schaffer’s alleged actions.

As for the rest of Y’all Qaeda, they should be given their day in court, however, they should be treated as the seditionists they are. While they might not have had a singular collective purpose, their collective actions were an attack on America and its democratic process.

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