Fort Worth police officer ‘fired’ over Racist Facebook meme

Fort Worth police officer 'fired' over Racist Facebook meme

The other day, I posted about a husband and wife pair of Fort Worth police officers who were suspended over posting a racist meme on their joint Facebook account.

Again, here’s the meme along with part of their profile photo.

At the time of my initial post, I wondered what form of the confederate flag that was. It turns out, it’s the Mississippi State Flag. The last state flag to contain blatant imagery of the Confederacy. The same flag that’s about to be replaced with a less racist flag, but I digress.

The husband of the pair has been ‘fired’ by the Fort Worth Police Department. I used the sarcasm quotes around ‘fired’ because he’s actually been indefinitely suspended without pay. However

Fort Worth Police said according to civil service law, an officer who receives an indefinite suspension may file a written appeal to the civil service commission within 10 days to request an appeal of their dismissal.

As a local activist for the black community has stated it’s a start but what’s to prevent Fort Worth or some other local department from hiring this member of the Rotten Apple Corps again?

Internal Affairs is said to be still investigating the wife.

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