Two Fort Worth police officers under fire for racist Facebook meme

Two Fort Worth police officers under fire for racist Facebook meme

Two police officers who work for the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas are facing heavy criticism for a meme they shared on their Facebook page. That’s right. One Facebook page. That’s because the two officers have the dreaded ‘couple’s Facebook page’. Is there anything more insecure than the couple’s shared Facebook page?

Anyway, the meme they posted is a picture of a black man in a coffin that has the caption “The face you make when you don’t understand ‘Stop resisting.’” You can see the meme below with an interesting part of their profile photo.

I’m not sure what the flag represents outside of the obvious Confederate banner. However, it’s the Confederate banner we should also be concerned about.

These are two police officers who have been entrusted with protecting the public. That means all of the public and not just the white ones.

The Fort Worth police have promised an investigation but what do you think that investigation will really result in? The police union will probably argue for maybe suspension with pay.

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