The 23rd Anniversary

First off, it’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for 23 years as of today. Not quite half my life but pretty close. It’s amazing to go back to those early times and see how much I think I’ve grown as a person for the better. Then again, if you haven’t changed in 23 years you might want to take a better look at yourself.

Anyway, what a year it has been. Who would have ever guessed how many things have become the new normal? Some good, others bad. Strangely, I’ve been one of those people who has thrived during the current crisis. I’ve been able to get a better handle on my depression and I’ve been having a lot more good days than bad. Lady Gray has had a big hand in that with her undying support and understanding.

I’ve been posting regularly again at Real Crime and I’m trying to somehow fit the podcast back into the schedule as well. A new episode should be out this week.

As always, thanks for the support from all my readers over the years.

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