Alabama cop put on leave for tasteless George Floyd joke on Facebook

Alabama cop put on leave for tasteless George Floyd joke on Facebook

Before we even get started, seriously? That’s your official police emblem? It looks like it was made on the Windows 98 version of MS Paint. But I digress.

A police officer in Mentone, Alabama was placed on administrative leave for allegedly posting a tasteless George Floyd joke on Facebook. The meme that was posted said, “The Treasury Department will honor George Floyd by placing his portrait on the counterfeit $20 bill.”


In case you didn’t know, George Floyd was a black man who was killed by the Minneapolis police while in custody. He was arrested for allegedly passing off a counterfeit $20 bill. This is also intended to make fun of the movement to have Harriet Tubman appear on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson.

The officer in question could face possible termination. As of the time of this posting, no action has been taken.

In subsequent interviews the officer double downs on his Facebook post.

“I’ve been at that police department for a year and a half full-time and I had asked for a copy of the policy. I had not received one.”

He said he does not believe he did anything wrong, and said he “absolutely” enforces the law equally.

“In my opinion, (Floyd) was a criminal. He’s sure made a name for himself.”

“I’m prejudiced against people who do stupid things. I can’t help what race you are when you mess up. I do post a lot of stuff about minorities and may post some stuff that looks racist, but there’s got to be some standard. Innocent people are getting killed.”

Did you catch something in that last quote? He used the ‘I’m not racist, but’ defense. If you have to explain why what you did or said isn’t racist, it’s probably racist.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter that this police officer may have been off duty when he posted this. Even though you may not be wearing the uniform, you’re a cop 24 hours a day and along with that, you’re a constant representative of the city.  Whatever you do, on duty or off, reflects upon your department and your city.

It will be interesting to see if the officer is even reprimanded when this is all over.

Alabama police officer placed on leave over Facebook post mocking George Floyd
North Alabama officer placed on administrative leave over George Floyd Facebook post

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