Minister steps down after posting racial slur on Facebook


A Presbyterian minister from upstate New York was essentially fired from his position of 35 years for allegedly posting a racial slur to his Facebook page among other behavior.

In regards to the current global pandemic, the sinister minister is said to have posted the following…

“We wouldn’t be in this mess if the Ch**ks would have kept Kosher.”

In case you couldn’t figure it out, he’s talking about the Chinese. I guess he thinks they have flaws in their armor.

He is also said to have referred to coronavirus as ‘Kung Flu’.

His alleged racism wasn’t just contained to his Facebook page as the church received complaints after he said that those who benefited the most from slavery are descendants of it in one of his sermons. He’s also believed to have posted Islamaphobic content as well.

Now before anyone gets their vestments in a bunch, I’m not saying this guy represents the Presbyterian Church or Christianity as a whole. However, in the church I was raised, we were always told that God is love and God loves all his children.  Preaching hate like this is not the word of God no matter how many people try to pervert his message.

But since this guy is looking for a new post, I know a ‘church’ right here in Topeka where he might feel at home.

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