Iowa police chief suspended for suggesting running over #BLM protesters

Iowa police chief suspended for suggesting running over protesters

The police chief of Sioux Rapids, Iowa was suspended for a controversial Facebook post. Sioux Rapids is not to be confused with Sioux City or Cedar Rapids.

The man entrusted with the public safety of Sioux Rapids posted a comment under a news article on Facebook about BLM protesters in Des Moines. In all caps, the chief posted  “…hit the gas and hang on over the road bumps.”

Here’s a screengrab of the post.


So, why is this a problem? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because 66 cars have hit Black Lives Matter protesters since the death of George Floyd.

The police chief has said about his comment that “somehow it accidentally was posted on the wrong post.”  What was supposed to be the right post this comment should have been posted to? Something about monster trucks perhaps?

Anyway, the chief was only suspended for two weeks without pay. That was over two weeks ago so he’s probably back in business as we speak. So basically, he was only mildly inconvenienced.

A number of concerned citizens came out to express their opinion about the chief’s situation at a city council meeting. There’s something they all have in common but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Not that I would want to anyway since none of them appear to be wearing masks, but I digress.

Again, while Sioux Rapids may only have a population of 750, systemic racism like this needs to be fought in every corner of the country no matter how big or small.

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