Harris County, Texas prosecutor resigns over Facebook holocaust post

Harris County, Texas prosecutor resigns over Facebook holocaust post

Back in late June, a prosecutor from the office of the Harris County, Texas District Attorney resigned over a Facebook post she made.  The post she allegedly made was comparing today’s political climate to the holocaust. Yes, you read that right, The Holocaust.

Here is the post in question…


Before I get into the post itself, I want to discuss the Facebook page she posted it on. It’s a real treat, let me tell you. It’s run by some conservative woman. I feel bad even calling her conservative because, in my opinion, she’s just hateful. The page is filled with anti-mask, anti-BLM, anti-vax, pro-gun, and QAnon posts. This becomes important later, but I digress.

Now back to the post. Are you really equating the calls for the end of police brutality and the movement for racial justice to the holocaust that killed millions of Jews and other groups that Hitler deemed undesirable? Yet conservatives have the nerve to call other people snowflakes. As much as you want to believe that white Christians are being persecuted, Karen, it’s just a figment of your imagination. I’m even going to ignore Godwin’s Law because sometimes the Nazis are an apt comparison, just not in the way she thinks they are.

Ok, so statues are being torn down. The statues being torn down were dedicated to men who fought for the Confederacy whose main purpose for being was to keep slavery as an institution. A great number of these statues weren’t erected to praise the men who fought in the war even. Most of them were erected in the 20th century as a middle finger to segregation and civil rights.

Nobody is banning your free speech, Karen. You’re still free to say whatever racist and anti-Semitic bullshit you want. However, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the repercussions of said speech. You would think that a lawyer would have a common grasp of the First Amendment.

Also, I’m so sick of the ‘Nazis took their guns’ argument. The Nazis didn’t do shit about guns. The Weimar Republic already had strict gun laws in place and the Nazis were going to take the guns from the Jews no matter what. The Nazis had actually loosened gun laws under Hitler yet the Germans under the Third Reich regime did not take up arms to take on the Nazis. Kind of like how today’s American gun owners are not taking up arms against a borderline fascist dictator.

Lastly, I find the most ridiculous argument is the one about blaming economic hardships on one group of people. What group of people is she talking about? She can’t possibly be talking about white folk? All I heard in the run-up to the 2016 election from the tangerine tinged racist sex pest was that the Mexicans were ruining the economy. You know, the same Mexicans currently being held in camps. There’s a word for those camps that’s on the tip of my tongue but I can’t seem to concentrate for some reason.

Now remember, this woman was a prosecutor. She’s responsible for putting people in jail. How many of those people did she put in jail because of the color of their skin? While assuredly some were actually criminals, now they have a basis for appeal. By being a racist Facebook mom, Karen, you’re potentially putting criminals back on the streets.

Actions, no matter how small they might seem, always have consequences.

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