Calls for Ga. mayor to resign over Facebook post about ‘privilege’

Calls for Ga. mayor to resign over Facebook post about 'privilege'

The mayor of Bloomingdale, Georgia has found himself in hot water for a Facebook post that many have deemed racist. Some have even called for his resignation. It seems that the good mayor allegedly posted the ‘privilege’ meme on his Facebook page.

If you’re not familiar with the privilege post that has been making the rounds on Facebook, it’s a copypasta that seemed to emerge shortly after the George Floyd protests. It looks a little something like this…


If you can’t understand why this is racist, you’re part of the problem.

I first talked about the privilege meme here when a Savannah cop was fired for posting it. Bloomingdale is a suburb of Savannah. Take that for what it’s worth.

His ‘Honor’ says he ‘regrets’ the post but has no plans to resign.  This was after saying that he was going to resign. Like most people who ‘regret’ something like this, I would imagine the only regret he has is that people actually viewed his post as racist. Remember, the only real job politicians have is to try to get reelected.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the mayor’s first controversy on social media. In 2018, he called a Facebook commenter a ‘cotton picker’.  He claims it was because the woman’s profile said she worked at a cotton field. Even if that’s true, ‘cotton picker’ has been historically used as a metaphor for another more well-known racial slur. Even if the commenter in question is white, it can still be seen as a slur.

It reflects poorly on the city as a whole when the man in charge is either a blatant racist or culturally ignorant. Hopefully, the people of Bloomingdale will vote his ass out during the next election, but that’s probably not likely.

As I’ve said before, systemic hate needs to be removed from all corners of the country no matter how big or small.

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