Ala. Mayor: “When you put Black lives before all lives they can kiss my ass.”

Ala. Mayor: “When you put Black lives before all lives they can kiss my ass.”

If there’s one thing I know about Alabama it’s that college football is religion in the Heart of Dixie. Most practitioners subscribe to that of the Crimson Tide from the University of Alabama.

Recently, the Crimson Tide put out the following video on social media…

The tl;dr version is the football team and their coach Nick Saban said that no lives matter until black lives matter. Personally, I thought it was a poignant video.

One person who didn’t find it all that poignant was the former mayor of Carbon Hill, Alabama. The mayor recently stepped down after saying the following on Facebook…

The mayor’s initial post read, “I got several Alabama pictures for sale Nick Sabin (sic) and the Tide is done in my opinion I’ll post them tomorrow”. When one person commented, “I think you may be right they haven’t looked as good the last couple of years,” The mayor replied, “I’m not getting rid of them because of how they have performed. Their sorry ass political views is why their (sic) getting out of my house.” In response to another comment, the mayor wrote, “When you put Black lives before all lives they can kiss my ass.”

Are there some kind of rays emitted from Facebook that cause people to have no filter whatsoever?

Anyway, this isn’t his honor’s first incident with Facebook hate speech.  Around the same time last year, he was caught allegedly posting on his Facebook comments that referenced “killing out” gay and transgender people, socialists, and “baby killers.”

His defense then was that that post was meant to be shared privately. Well, then that’s ok then if you’re racism and homophobia was meant to be private. Carry on.

I realize that Carbon Hill (pop: 1,916) may not be the biggest metropolis. However, we should care about any and all places where hate like this exists.

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