Detroit area attorney: “If it weren’t for slavery you would still be in Africa”

Detroit area attorney: "If it weren’t for slavery you would still be in Africa"

Before we even get started I would like to mention that the person in question this post is about has issued an apology but we will get to that later.

A Detroit-area attorney got into hot water after a discussion about the current state of America he was having with a Facebook friend became heated. The trouble started with the following response…


Ah, the old ‘snowflake’ defense. If you can’t take centuries of systemic oppression than you must be a ‘soft-skinned asshole’. Jesus, you don’t even have to go back all that far in history to find ‘a grievance to bitch about’. I can also see why people may not like this guy besides being a lawyer.

He then is said to have closed out his arguments with this…


Holy shit, he actually said all lives matter. When you say all lives matter what other people hear is “All lives matter but white lives matter most.” And of course, he’s a supporter of the Racist-In-Chief.

After this conversation went public, the attorney started getting review bombed on Google Reviews which is fine and hilarious but he’s also been on the receiving end of death threats which is never cool. Be better than that.

But as I said, on his firm’s website, the attorney has issued an apology. Here’s a snippet…

My original message has clearly been lost in the shadow of the way I conveyed my thoughts on Facebook. In my effort to highlight the greatness of America, I discounted and overlooked our country’s very real, very painful history – that of a nation built on the backs of black slaves, and other severely oppressed minorities.

99% of those who came to America didn’t do so on a first class ticket. Almost every person here today has suffered in their American story. Having said that, I failed in my comments as they discounted the unique and extreme suffering of African Americans.

I’ll leave it up to you if he’s genuinely sorry or sorry he got caught.

But what is it about Facebook that makes racists think that they’re somehow immune to the repercussions of their own actions?


2 thoughts on “Detroit area attorney: “If it weren’t for slavery you would still be in Africa””

  1. I think he was trying to say, in my opinion, is that IF you are front loading your argument with “my ancestors were slaves” rather than with any real current systemic injustice on yourself, then your point becomes less valid…and I agree.
    I am no in any way condoning racism in saying so…I’m merely stating that slavery is not a issue today, other than the soft slavery of dependency pushed by those in politics who push the “you can’t succeed without us” mentality and agenda.


    1. If that was his argument he was incredibly tone-deaf in attempting to make his point. As someone who gets paid to argue his point in front of judges and juries, you’d think he’d be eloquent enough to make his point clearer. Rather I believe the face value of his statement. He may not be overtly racist but he appears at the least to be willfully ignorant of history.


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