Hoover, Alabama cop fired for suggesting the shooting of black protesters

Hoover, Alabama cop fired for suggesting the shooting of protesters

In Hoover, Alabama, a police officer was recently fired after posting a threatening image on Facebook. The officer in question was responding to this news article accompanied by the image of an armed protestor in Georgia.


In response to the question, the officer posted the following…


What? Where is the defense of this protester’s Second Amendment rights? Oh wait, the man in the picture is black so he obviously must own the gun illegally and is up to no good. So it seems that the officer believes this man’s life should be taken away without due process.

At least in this instance, the Hoover Chief of Police did not seem to tolerate this kind of behavior. The officer in question was given 48 hours to respond to the disciplinary charges against him. The Chief didn’t care for his answer and fired the officer.

“This type of conduct will not be tolerated in our department and is not representative of the professionalism expected by all of our officers.”

However, questions remain if the fired officer will find work with another police department.

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