Question-Watch 2019

Question-Watch 2019
Catwoman and The Question

As I’ve said before, my favorite comic book character is The Question. You can read about why he’s my favorite here. Since he’s not the most popular of DC’s cast of characters and hasn’t had his own book in over a decade, it’s always great to see the character being used in almost any capacity.

To summarize a little bit of The Question’s canon the original Question, Vic Sage, died of lung cancer and was replaced by former Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya. She made a great second generation Question but when the New 52 reboot event happened The Question was written as a magical entity as part of the Trinity of Sin along with Pandora and The Phantom Stranger, while his former alter-ego of Vic Sage was an entirely different person who was a government bureaucrat. I wasn’t thrilled with this interpretation of the character but I was willing to wait to see where DC Comics were going with him.

However, DC realized they really dropped the ball with the New 52 and tried another reboot with DC Rebirth. After the retcon of Rebirth, The Question has returned. The first instance I remember The Question being in was a recent issue of Action Comics where he was tearing up a Metropolis bar Rorschach style. (For those of you who may not know, Watchmen’s Rorschach was based on The Question.) What we can gather from that appearance in Action Comics is that The Question is male again but we don’t know for sure if he is Vic Sage.

His more recent appearance was in last week’s issue of Batman #66 as shown above. Unfortunately, even though it was a great issue, that’s not the real Question or even the real Catwoman for that matter, but rather their conversation is taking place all in Batman’s mind. Fear not though as the last issue of Action Comics, the issue number escapes me, teased a return of The Question. Since he’ll be appearing in one of DC’s flagship titles maybe we’ll see more of The Question in current DC continuity.

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