Trench’s Linux Recommendation: Linux Lite


Recently I came into possession of an older netbook. It was recommended to me to use Linux Lite on it as its repeating system as Linux Lite is said to be great for older and low powered computers. I was pleasantly pleased with the performance of it on my netbook. Then my main laptop was starting to have issues with the Linux distro that I had on it. Just some inexplicable little glitches that made the experience with my previous distro somewhat annoying so I decided to put Linux Lite on my main computer and boy is it fast.

What I like about Linux Lite is that it boots fast, it has a clean and crisp design, it’s based on Ubuntu and comes with the XFCE desktop. While I was able to install it on a netbook with a normal sized hard drive Linus Lite can not be put on the Asus EEEpc 701 4g Surf but that’s a minor quibble. I can not recommend Linux Lite enough to anyone looking for a fast and clean OS for not only older computers but new ones as well.

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