Where White People Meet


Anyone who says that something ‘just for whites’ isn’t racist aren’t necessarily racist themselves.

They’re just ignorant of the past.


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”George Santayana

Not to mention when I hear “Where White People Meet” I think of this…


#sorrynotsorry as the kids say.

12 thoughts on “Where White People Meet”

  1. The appearance of FOR WHITE PEOPLE, emotional for many equates to “white only” recalling a time of discrimination/segregation. Unless otherwise stated activities and organizations were by default geared toward white people. Now that assumption is no longer valid. The demographics are changing, so “white” is becoming a subset of the population like the other demographic groups. We therefore should not be surprised or insulted by white people trying to reach out to other members with shared characteristics.


  2. According to[/I] PREVAILING PRACTICES

    There was a time if a newspaper reported that a man was attacked and beaten with no ethnic/racial identifiers he would not be assumed to be something other than white. There probably would not even be a thought about it.

    If it were a non white man the news article would use the appropriate modifier. I.e. African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

    Nowadays, the newspaper will report the ethnic/racial descriptor, e.g. white male.


  3. It is apples and oranges to compare Jim Crow racial segregation and KKK rallies to strike terror with a dating site providing a means for white people that want to date white people.

    While apples and oranges are different, they do have similarities. They are both fruit that grows on trees, roundish shape, and can be used to make juice.

    No longer do NON-White Minorities automatically assumed that they will be barred from private country clubs, restricted from living in neighborhoods of their choice, not allowed to work in occupations in which they have skills, white only no longer exists in sports, etc.

    Thus white people can no longer assume that organizations, intuitions, and services are for white people. They no longer look with shock and astonishment at the entrance/presence of a non-white in these places, even if some may not like it.

    Thus like associations geared to “colored people” (NAACP) association geared to white people (WWPM) are formed. The key is in motivation. Is their mission to harm or to advance a legitimate purpose? I personally engage in interracial dating, but have no problem with people seeking to date within their own ethnicity.


  4. That’s like when ppl say “why is there BET? Why isn’t there a WET? Hmm white entertainment television is pretty much every other channel on tv. I don’t understand making a site like this. Is there a lack of white ppl on Match.com? Doubt it. Idk if it’s racist..but it seems silly and a bit pathetic.


  5. Here’s what my point is since people seem to be missing it.

    For the majority of this country’s history ethnic and religious minorities have been marginalized and excluded. Only within the past 50 years or so have strides been taken to correct it. That may seem like a lifetime ago to some but in the long run that’s really not that long ago and the scales are far from being balanced.

    The reason that these historically marginalized people have their own dating sites, beauty pageants and TV channels is because for centuries they’ve been excluded from opportunities to advance by whites. That’s not some kind of ‘liberal white guilt’. That’s just history.

    So while someone makes something ‘just for whites’ it may not be intended as racist but to a lot of people it comes off as ‘whites only’ and incredibly racist.

    Just look at the difference between Black Power and White Power.


  6. You are correct about major strides have been made and also acknowledge that as a society “the scales are far from being balanced.” We should never forget Civil Rights Marchers and the Freedom Riders were composed of Blacks, Whites, Christians, Jews, joined hand in hand, arm in arm, facing physical abuse and even death to right the wrongs rooted in racism.

    Some have asserted that America is a melting pot. A blending of diverse people into something that becomes homogeneous. However, it might be more insightful to see America becoming more like a stew pot. The diverse “ingredients” bring value to the stew while maintaining their distinctiveness.

    Racial prejudice caused practices of injustice under which black people suffered. The early outreach focused on gaining acceptance was through a change in attitude. With a change in attitude a change in discriminative behaviors would hopefully follow.

    When militancy entered into the civil rights effort the focus was not about changing attitude it was about changing behaviors. Militant leaders made it clear that they had on interest in socializing with white people. It was not about sitting in their living rooms drinking coffee. It was about jobs and economic equality. Keep your prejudices and hatreds, but do not act on them.

    IMHO, black people could care less about a website that promotes white only with white dating.

    What they care more about is ACTS not ATTITUDES. Acts like voting rights laws being enacted to cause a disenfranchisement of black people. Closing health centers in black communities. If we look at current events I think it becomes apparent that “Where White People Meet” is not the big concern that we should have.


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