Flash of Two Worlds


Normally I don’t talk about single episodes of a TV series but last night’s episode of The Flash was so good I had to blog about it. However to avoid any spoilers I’m putting the rest of the post behind the cut.

The writers of Flash and Arrow are constantly putting in Easter Eggs in their shows referring to other DC Comics characters. For example in Arrow they always mention the intersection of O’Neil and Adams. That’s a reference to comic book writer Denny O’Neil and artist Neal Adams who did some seminal Green Arrow stories in the 1970s. Last night’s Flash episode seemed like one huge Easter egg celebrating the Golden Age Flash.

Last night’s episode featured a new character by the name of Jay Garrick. It was revealed that Jay was The Flash on his world which is an alternate Earth in a parallel universe. In comics Jay Garrick was the first Flash in the 1930s and 40s. DC Comics rebooted their fiction university in the 1950s and made all new heroes. That’s when the Barry Allen version of The Flash came to be. Rather than just forgetting all the old Flash stories the concept of the Multiverse was introduced and the old Flash and all his compatriots were said to have been from an alternate Earth called Earth 2 which was actually referenced by name in the episode.

We also got a glimpse of what Earth 2 looks like. I thought it was cool with its unique 1940s/future look. Speaking of which, we also saw that the Earth 2 version of Harrison Wells is still alive. That doesn’t necessarily make him a villain because remember Eobard Thawn/Reverse Flash took over Wells’ body on Earth 1 so the Earth 2 version of Wells could just be a normal version of him. Also in the comics Thawn/Reverse Flash/Zoom were not always the same person.

But the greatest moment of all from the episode was when Barry and Jay were both running towards Patty Spivot as shown in the image below.


It was such a cool tribute to the comic book cover of the first time the two Flashes met.


Not only do I love The Flash for all the geek Easter Eggs in it but it’s the only show that is unapologetically a comic book show.

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