Trench reviews DC Comics’ Convergence


As a continuity crossover reboot crisis Convergence felt kind of underwhelming. It didn’t pack the gravitas of a Flashpoint or Crisis on Infinite Earths. It felt just kind of ‘meh’. While it was nice to see characters from various pre-New 52 universes it felt like you had to know around 40 years of DC Comics’ history to get all the references and plot points. I felt bad for younger readers who may not have known a good majority of these characters.

The one good thing about Convergence though, as I mentioned in my first impressions, is that the concept behind the New 52 reboot was a sound one. A lot of characters from before the New 52 did feel old and out of date and a fresh new take was needed. The problem was that the New 52 didn’t have a lot of good stories for these new youthful heroes and the new DC You doesn’t appear to be too promising yet.

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