Trench reviews Season 3 of Arrow



This was probably my least favorite season of Arrow so far. The things that didn’t have going for it was that the main villain was a Batman villain that to my recollection Green Arrow never had any contact with. Yeah I know, Comic Book Guy complaint but it’s a pretty major Batman villain. I also didn’t care for The Atom is Iron Man. Granted originally Brandon Routh was supposed to play Ted Kord instead of Ray Palmer but then the rights for Blue Beetle went elsewhere so I can kind of forgive that. I also didn’t like the inclusion of metahumans but I guess they kind of had to do that because of The Flash spinoff, I just wish they left the metahumans in Central City.

Speaking of which I will say one thing about Arrow and Flash this season. I like how both Ollie and Barry called on each other for help occasionally. Unlike in the MCU where Tony Stark gets attacked in Iron Man 3 and The Avengers are nowhere to be found.

Season 2 has been my favorite season so far because I’m a Deathstroke fan. Season 3 was ok however I am curious to see where they’re going with season 4.

If you haven’t seen Season 2 Arrow not only do I recommend it but you can help the site out by buying it from Amazon through this link.

Arrow: Season 2

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