Trench reviews Avail Vapor


Recently Avail Vapor opened a new store not too far from where I live so I stopped in yesterday to see what they had in store. I had a very pleasant experience in their store.

The store was immaculate and the tasting stations were clean and functioned flawlessly. The staff was friendly and helpful and even though they recommended a new mod for me that I’m not in the market for they didn’t pressure me into trying to buy a new mod which I greatly appreciate.

I ended up buying two bottles of Dirty Banana (non-sponsored link) which I was able to get on special for $20.00. While I haven’t yet ordered anything from their website it is a top-notch site that you actually can order from. You’d be surprised how many vaping websites look like they’re from the 1990s.

To top it all off they gave me a nice reusable bag to use when I go back to them to buy more juice and I will be back.

While MadVapes is still my number one store Avail just became my number 1.5.

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