North Carolina Liquor Cycles

That’s pronounced like Liquor-Sickles in the local vernacular.


This is something that’s been sticking in my craw for a long time now.

In North Carolina you can own a motorized scooter that is under 50cc and not need any kind of license, insurance or registration. You’re also not supposed to take these scooters out on the open road yet a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see one of these road hazards on major thoroughfares either holding up traffic or just being a general nuisance. These scooters are very popular among people who have had their driver’s license taken away for one reason or another, usually DUI hence the nickname. The thing is I never see police pulling over one of these illegal vehicles on the road.

Meanwhile my car can’t pass inspection because of a smashed in front end. It’s mechanically sound but the headlights are out of alignment and right now I can’t afford to get it fixed. Since it won’t pass inspection and I can’t get it registered. Since I can’t get it registered I have an expired registration sticker. Because my registration sticker is expired I got a $200 ticket. Meanwhile if I was driving one of these scooters like I was the lead car in a very angry funeral procession I could just go about my business.

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