Trench’s bad vaping experience


Before we even get started I just want to come out and say I still support vaping and still believe it is the most effective way to quit smoking. However…

Even though I play a calm and cool suave and debonair character on the internet it couldn’t be further from the truth in real life. In reality I’m about as neurotic as they come. One of my many neuroses is that I have a really difficult time saying no to salesmen. It;s why I despise car shopping and why I’ve bought useless magazine and newspaper subscriptions and family photo sessions at a time when I didn’t even have a family.

Recently a new vape store opened in my area a lot closer to my house than my usual vaping place and I decided to check it out. All I really wanted was some e-juice, a new coil for my tank and a cartomizer for Mrs. Trench. As soon as I walked into the new store I could tell it was low rent. Before I could even say what I wanted the sales douche descended upon me like the proverbial pack of vultures. He wanted to know what kind of mod I was using. I was still using the eGo starter kit I bought back in November of last year. I never had a problem with the eGo and it did exactly what I needed it to. Anyway, sales douche tells me that since I’m using an eGo I’m not really vaping. He then tries to sell me these mods that are the size of police flashlights and are overly complicated. Pass.

I notice they have an Itazte MVP adjustable battery. I’ve always wanted one of these but it was more money that I needed to be spending at the time. Sales douche showed it off to me and just to get him to go away I reluctantly said yes. Well that wasn’t enough, he had to get me to buy a new tank too neglecting to tell me that there are two double coil tanks included with the MVP. Two tanks, I may add, that I’m still trying to figure out how to fill.

So then I had to get juice. All their juice tasted like ass. Well not ass specifically but they all tasted very synthetic. Yes, I realize that they are synthetic flavors but I’ve had juices that didn’t taste like I was smoking Liquid Plumr.

So after it was all said and done I had spent way too much money on a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need. I was going to return the MVP at least until I spilled juice on the electronic parts pretty much voiding their already shady return policy. This may not seem like a lot of money to you but I’m unemployed with no unemployment benefits where every dollar counts. Thanks to my own neurotic idiocy and their pressurized sales tactics not only have I taken food out of my family’s mouths but I’ll probably have to shut off my cell phone as well.

If you find a store that you’re comfortable with stick with it. Don’t even entertain the notion of trying a new store. My usual store, MadVapes as I’ve mentioned before, has never pressured me to buy something I didn’t need and has always been helpful with the things I did need.

So if you’re interested in buying a slightly used MVP please let me know. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go beg for change on the off-ramp.

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