Is a lighter more effective than vaping?


I found this article from financial site Motley Fool that’s headlined “Is This the Next Looming Threat to E-Cigs?”. It talks about this device that’s a combination of a timer and lighter called Quitbit. Sounds great in theory however in my opinion it’s doomed to fail.


Back in the early 2000s I ordered this device called the Lifesign. It was a pocket device that would let you smoke normally for 2 weeks then it was designed to gradually wean you off of the smoking habit. The problem is it never worked and you could only try it 3 times before having to send it back to the manufacturer or shell out another $100 to purchase a new one. Much like patches and gum it doesn’t figure in that every person is different when it comes to how quick they can be taken off of nicotine.

The Quitbit reminds me too much of the Lifesign. Not only do I think it’s not a threat to vaping I don’t even think it’s a threat to smoking.

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