Is it cool to vape in the office?


So I ran across this article the other day with the headline “Is it cool to vape in the office?” As a former smoker and current vaper please allow me to answer this clearly and succinctly.



No it is not cool to vape in the office. Mainly for the simple reason that everyone will hate you. Non-smokers will still have the same discriminatory outlook to vaping as they do smoking. As someone whose worked in an office since he was 18 and smoked even since before that smokers have always been complained about taking too many breaks, smelling bad, etc. Decades of smokers being forced to the parking lots and beyond will not change their opinions about vaping as long as were producing some kind of cloud. Smokers will hate us because they’ll wonder why they have to go outside but we don’t. I didn’t say it made any rational sense but since when did any of the arguments against vaping make any kind of sense.

As I’ve said many times before we’re all former smokers. We should be used to having to go outside or even trek to our remote outposts of semi-freedom.

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