Seeing e-cigs make smokers want to smoke

In what may possibly be the dumbest study ever done a study found that when smokers saw someone using an e-cig it made them want to smoke. I smoked for 30 years so I may have some insight on this. Do you know what always made me want to smoke? Everything. Get up? Got to smoke. Eat? Got to smoke. Bathroom? Got to smoke. Work? Got to smoke. TV? Got to smoke. Drive? Got to smoke. See someone smoking? You bet I got to smoke. I was once quit for a couple of months then I watched a movie that had a ton of cigarette smoking in it. I went out and bought myself a pack before I finished watching it.

This kind of supposition is inherently dangerous as some may take it as a reason to keep smoking instead of vaping.

2 thoughts on “Seeing e-cigs make smokers want to smoke”

  1. This is nuts. I work in theater. A lot. Actors smoke. A lot. With the vape, they are not fogging out the back deck and making it impossible to be out there without a gas mask. So I smell a little peach vanilla apple cinnamon strudel linen mint bubblegum…so what? It’s not smoke. It doesn’t make me choke or go hoarse. The only thing I can think of is that the tobacco lobby is behind this.


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