Top scientists from around the world say e-cigs could save countless lives

We have top scientists working on this.
We have top scientists working on this.

In an open letter to the World Health Organization some of the world’s leading scientists and medical experts have said that e-cigs could save hundreds of millions of lives from the dangers of smoking.

The open letter, which can be read here (pdf file), in a nutshell says that any regulation against e-cigs and vaping or classifying e-cigs and vaping as a tobacco product would only prolong the public consumption of cigarettes. Or as I like to say they’re basically asking the WHO to have a little common sense.

Compared to tobacco use vaping is still in its infancy. Let’s not kill it in the crib before it has a chance to save lives from the horrors of smoking related disease.

Thanks to my good friend Neal for the tip.

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