Study shows e-cigs better than patches and gum


A recent study done by the University College London shows what many vapers and e-cig users already knew, that e-cigs are more effective at helping people quit smoking than the nicotine patch or nicotine gum and cold turkey.

Researchers surveyed nearly 6000 adults in the U.K. who tried to quit smoking at least once in the past year. Those who said they only used e-cigarettes to try to quit had a higher rate of self-reported abstinence (20%) than people who used OTC nicotine replacement therapies (10%) or no smoking cessation aids (15%). The differences remained after adjusting for the level of nicotine dependence.


I think the reason is obvious. The patch and gum have very rigid requirements. You have to decrease in a certain amount of time and stop using in this amount of time. What if you’re not ready to step down yet? Every person is a different case. Other can handle the steep decreases better than others, for the rest of us there is vaping where we can decrease the amount of nicotine we intake when it best suits us.

Let’s also not forget one important fact, one the FDA should realize as well. While e-cigs and vaporizers have been great in helping a lot of people quit smoking they are not marketed as smoking cessation devices. They are marketed as cigarette replacements.

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