Should you vape in front of your kids?


In this piece from an Irish news site a woman over-reacts to her 3-year-old play smoking and somehow connects it to vaping. However she does bring up a valid question. Is it ok to vape in front of your children? That depends. When you smoke did your kids know about it?

Since I’ve had kids I smoked outside. I smoked outside because of them. Not only did I not want them to pick up my filthy habit but I didn’t want them getting secondhand smoke. Unfortunately my habit was so bad that I did smoke with them in the car. (Yeah, I know. I’m worse than Hitler.) Unfortunately both of them did pick up the habit and I do blame myself for that, but I digress.

If your kids know that you smoked I don’t see a problem with them knowing that you vape especially if you explain it to them that this is what helped you to quit smoking. Also explain to them that while vaping is less harmful than smoking it’s not something that they should be doing. It should only be used by people looking to kick the habit of smoking.

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