The conspiracy nuts are winning

The only New World Order that ever existed

The Plots to Destroy America:

I was just going to post a link to this article on my Facebook page and be done with it but I felt it requires me to expound on it a little more.

The article from Newsweek that I linked to makes both a sobering and depressing argument that the number of people who believe in conspiracy theories is not only increasing but they’re winning. Both citizens and policymakers are buying into idiot conspiracy theories and it’s now actually starting to dictate policy in this country and affect the well-being of its citizens.

It’s not just exclusive to one group either. Conspiracy theorists exist among all political parties, backgrounds, and creeds. Think about all the conspiracy theories in just the past few decades, Bush orchestrated 9/11, Obama is a secret Muslim from Kenya, both of them want to put us in FEMA camps, Atheists/Christians/Muslims/Etc. are all being persecuted by the government. The list is endless and you know what, none of them are fucking true. There is no great global conspiracy for a one world government. There is no Illuminati, New World Order, or Elders of Zion. Vaccines do not cause Autism. There’s nothing wrong with fluoridated water. The Freemasons don’t run the world. Just because some jacknuts on the internet or the radio or Jesse Ventura said it doesn’t make it true.

The problem is you can’t even talk to the morons who believe this crap because if you show them how fucking stupid they are with things like FACTS they just argue that those are part of the conspiracy too. It’s like arguing with a child over the existence of Santa Claus when all the response you ever get is nuh-uh.

It’s also ironic that the conspiracy nuts are the ones who call other people sheep since they’re the ones continually spouting off some bullshit that SOMEBODY ELSE told them.

And now these myths, legends, and outright falsehoods are being more and more accepted as truth. I think we’ve officially reached the nadir of any rational intelligence in this country.

7 thoughts on “The conspiracy nuts are winning”

  1. David Icke is insane and he attracts insane followers because his rhetoric panders to his acolytes who are delusional and paranoid. Before he went completely mentally ill, he was a sports commentator on UK television. After leaving his job as a football ( soccer ) commentator he reinvented himself as a kind of Messiah and he embarked on a mission to reveal to humankind that the Royal Family were reptilian and that other world leaders were reptilian.
    By now every one knows that his publications are driven by his paranoid delusions. On the one hand I find his rants and raves about the Illuminati
    ( and other secret sects who control the world ) amusing and entertaining, on the other hand I find myself feeling sad because some of my acquaintances appear to accept ‘Ickes’ rhetoric without question.


    1. And in the US we have his counterpart Alex Jones. While I don’t think he’s on board with the reptilians everything else that happens in the news is a ‘false flag’. It didn’t help when scourge of both worlds Piers Morgan had him on his CNN show. Too many people took that as a stamp of legitimacy for Jones.


    2. I just found out my dog is in the Illuminati! His kible bits are in a shape of a triangle! Also, don’t eat Dorito’s, triangular shape, it will turn you into Illuminati!


      1. Also, don’t eat pizza either and don’t watch cartoons, it has nothing but perverted homoerotic and pedophiliac symbology, penises everywhere!


    3. Yeah, I’ve heard some of Icke’s outrageous claims…it might help the whole “reptilian” theory if someone managed to unearth a video recording of one.


  2. they are not crazy. They are deliberate disinformation outlets that lead to nations hostile to the US and Israel. They are useful if you realize they are trying to hide the truth, and the truth is usually the opposite of what they want you to believe, mainly that the US and Israel are the bad guys, and Iran / Assad / North Korea are wrongly accused.


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