Review of Voyager Linux 14.04


What can I say about Voyager Linux that I haven’t said before? It’s my favorite Linux distro of choice. It’s based on Xubuntu but surpasses Xubuntu in every way.

Not a lot has changed in Voyager but it really doesn’t need to. Again the only complaint I had been the Plank dock. I prefer the Cairo dock but that’s easy enough to change. I did have another minor complaint but this is more of an XFCE issue than a Voyager issue. In the latest version of the XFCE desktop all your wallpapers have to be in the same folder. Before I could mix Voyager’s excellent wallpapers with my own but now I have to pick one folder or the other. I really don’t want to put them both in the same folder. That’s a minor OCD problem on my part though.

Again Voyager is a Swiss Army knife of Linux distros for me. It comes with a lot of great software that isn’t bloatware at all. However, be aware, their website and some of the instructions are in French but you can get a translation of the website and most of the distro defaults to English.

I would not recommend this for Linux beginners but if you’ve used other distros before I recommend this as the best Linux distro ever.

2 thoughts on “Review of Voyager Linux 14.04”

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