When anti-tobacco is pro-tobacco

Slightly altered by yours truly
Slightly altered by yours truly

According to NBC News the anti-tobacco organization Legacy says that e-cig manufacturers are blatantly marketing to kids to the tune of $39 million. But who are Legacy? Why they’re the American Legacy Foundation, the people behind those horrible ‘truth’ anti-smoking ads. I say the ads are horrible because whenever I saw one when I was smoking it made me want to smoke more because of all their smugness. I know a number of smokers at the time who agreed with me.

Also Legacy was started by tobacco settlement money…

Legacy was set up in 1999 as part of the Master Settlement Agreement when major tobacco companies agreed to pay more than $200 billion to states and territories. The states wanted some of the money to be used for an organization dedicated to studying and providing public education about the impact of tobacco.

While they may be a non-profit organization no one at Legacy gets paid if tobacco is eliminated so it’s in their best interest to keep tobacco in business. That means taking a stand against anything that may threaten their livelihood in e-cigs and vaping.

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