Major employer charges vaping employees extra for health insurance


In my civilian life, when I’m employed, I work in the healthcare industry. I’ve worked in the clerical side of it for almost the past 30 years mainly in either claims processing or medical billing. You can read my musings on the healthcare industry here.

A few years ago I worked for a company that was contracted to assist UPS employees in signing up for their annual benefits. Not surprisingly UPS made their smoking employees pay more for health and life insurance. You had to have been quit for 18 months before being considered a non-smoker. What is surprising is that UPS is now making employees who vape or use e-cigs pay extra for their insurance.

This just leads me to believe that the real dependence on tobacco comes from corporations and governments who make their money off of people smoking. Not the tobacco companies mind you, but the healthcare industry. If no one gets sick from cigarettes in the U.S. how will any of these stakeholders get paid?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that some higher-ups have a lot to lose if more people switch from smoking to vaping.

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