Richard Blumenthal compares vaping to Joe Camel

Choose your destiny
Choose your destiny

In my opinion U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has a history of backing legislation that is only designed to get him elected/re-elected and goes back to at least when he was the Connecticut Attorney General. In the past he has written legislation that does nothing to solve the actual problem but makes people feel like they’re doing something about it. So it’s not surprising that he’s taking a similar stance on vaping.

He’s spouting the usual rhetoric of how flavors specifically market to kids and then goes one step further. He brings up the specter of Joe Camel. For those of you who either didn’t smoke or don’t remember Joe Camel was an anthropomorphic camel that Camel Cigarettes used as a mascot in their print and billboard advertising in the 80s and 90s. The government gave R.J. Reynolds (no relation) Tobacco the smackdown saying they were using a cartoon character to market to kids all because kids could identify Joe Camel. Blumenthal calls vaping the new Joe Camel.

Blumenthal called on the federal government to ban the “despicable” marketing of e-cigarettes and e-hookahs to kids, branding these products “the new Joe Camel.”

The senator brought props to the press conference: packages of “crazy apple,” “strawberry margarita,” and “blueberry blast” disposable “hookahs.”

“All of these flavors should be prohibited,” Blumenthal declared.

In my opinion Blumenthal could not care less about vaping and e-cigs but wants the pear twisters to think he does. It’s how he gets to keep his job or get a new one.

As the article is quick to point out you don’t see Blumenthal calling for a ban of flavored alcohols do you. Or how about a ban on cigarettes all together? Isn’t menthol a flavor?

If this assclown ever ends up in the White House we’ll all be moving out of country just so we can vape.

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