New Jersey fat guy wants vaping tax to pay for junkies


I used to like New Jersey governor Chris Christie. I appreciated his pull no punches approach and the way he reached across party lines in order to help his state in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It seems he just another Jersey politician though. He wants to put a tax on vaping and e-cigs and he wants that tax to pay for the treatment of heroin addicts and pill poppers. Where in any universe does that make sense? How about not taxing it and reaping the benefits of all the people who won’t be treated for smoking related illnesses?

I find this pretty ironic since Christie has publicly stated that he will never allow the legalization of marijuana as long as he’s governor. Yet, he wants to tax something legal and helpful to many ex-smokers in order to help a bunch if junkies. Does he really think the election is going to hinge on the junkie vote? Someone should remind him that vapers do vote.

Has he ever put a tax on Dunkin’ Donuts?

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