The economics of Vaping vs. Smoking

Chart via
Chart via

One of the things that constantly gets lost in the vaping debate is how much cheaper vaping and e-cigs are compared to smoking. From my own personal experience while living in the tobacco friendly state of North Carolina I was paying roughly $3.50 for a pack of Pall Malls. A pack a day for 7 days comes out to $24.50 a week. When I started with e-cigs I could get a $10 Blu or Logic disposable to last me two weeks. That comes out to just a little bit over 70 cents a day.

A writer for the New Republic has just come out with an article showing how long you would have to vape in order to be saving money from smoking. Danny Vinik of New Republic compared the average price of Marlboro Reds to the upfront cost of a vaporizer and supplies and determined that you have to vape for 51 days before you recoup the initial vaping cost.

This is another reason why I don’t see anyone jumping from vaping to smoking. As of right now it’s more cost-effective to vape than it is to smoke. You can buy a carton of smokes for whatever ridiculous amount they’re selling for now ($40-50?) or you can spend less than $10 for a 10ml bottle of juice every two weeks. If it wasn’t for my aforementioned health issues I wouldn’t go back to smoking just because of the cost alone.

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