Flavored cigars show how little the anti-vapers know


This article from Medical Daily isn’t about vaping but it shows how ignorant in facts the anti-vaping crowd is.

The article goes into detail about how flavored cigars are causing an increase in smoking among teens citing various studies.

A study this week from the Center for Tobacco Surveillance & Evaluation Research at Rutgers finds that 11 percent of Americans 18 to 25 years of age had smoked a cigar within the past month, even as cigarette consumption declines among youth. Young adults were significantly more likely to smoke cigars than others, with an overall cigar consumption rate of eight percent.

Of course they have to point out the choices in flavors…

Center Director Christine Delnevo says the tobacco industry is winning a large market share among this age group by marketing flavored cigar products such as bubble gum and cherry. Three-quarters of the young smokers in the study said they bought brands that offered flavored cigar products.

Emphasis mine.

I’m surprised they didn’t say cotton candy but in fairness I don’t think there are any cotton candy flavored cigars, at least not among the eight-year-old cigar smokers that I know.

The article and the studies then go on to completely miss the point of the increase of teens using flavored cigars.

Although tobacco makers have sold flavored cigars for decades, the product category may be gaining popularity as young smokers seek a substitute for cigarettes following decades of social stigmatization. Ironically, such smokers are only exchanging one unhealthy carcinogenic product for another.

These cigars could be filled with sawdust for all that it mattered but the cigar manufacturers can’t legally say “Hey kids, our cigar paper makes your blunts taste great.” That’s right. Not once in the article was marijuana mentioned. They’re not marketing to kids per se, they’re marketing to stoners.

If they’re missing such an obvious point about flavored cigars then what makes them think we should trust their opinion on vaping?

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