Weed vaping and how it’s bad for nicotine vapers

How do these marijuana vaporizers look different from nicotine vaporizers? They don't.
How do these marijuana vaporizers look different from nicotine vaporizers? They don’t.

I guess it’s only fitting that I’m posting this on 4/20. Now look, before we get started I’m not here to discuss the merits or drawbacks of marijuana vaping. I’m here to discuss how it affects nicotine vapers. The answer I’m afraid is not good. Now I’m not talking about health effects, I’m talking about more societal effects.

If marijuana vaping, or more accurately hash oil vaping catches on more you can see the anti-vaping crowd using this as another weapon against vaping in general. It doesn’t matter that one vaporizer can’t be used in place of the other, the fear mongers will use this as ammunition against the rest of us. I can even see more police actions against regular vapers as well even in states like Colorado and Washington. I’m going to assume that even in those states you can’t get high behind the wheel. Police are going to see someone using a vaporizer in their car are on the street and that person is going to get stopped and it’s going to be hard for anyone to distinguish between the two kinds of vaporizers. This may lead to many false arrests and clog the courts even more.

At this point I’m even likely to abandon my long-held stance against the legalization of weed. (Hey, I am a crime blogger after all.) I’d rather see the hash oil be produced from legal vendors who produce a quality product than in basements and kitchens like meth dealers.

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