Are e-cigarettes deadly? It’s too soon to tell, but we’re going to say yes anyway


This article from Daily Digest News, some kind of health news website, is entitled “Are e-cigarettes deadly? It’s too soon to tell, according to new report” then goes on to hit all the same points that the rest of the anti-vaping crowd does.

It’s all in there, flavors are marketing to children, nicotine poisonings (due to user neglect I might add), and that people are going from vaping to smoking. 

I really take issue with that last one. After smoking for 30 years I’ve been quit now for almost a year with a single slip thanks to vaping. If knew anyone that was never a smoker and wanted to try vaping I would strongly advise them not to. While my addiction may be lessened it’s still an addiction.  Also if someone was stupid enough to do that why would they then go to smoking if vaping is all they’ve ever known? 

I think a lot of these so-called expert studies come up with their conclusion first then try to force the numbers to fit their view. 

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