Exploding E-Cigs


How could I forget about the other fear tactic that anti-vaping crowd tries to use, exploding e-cigs.

Once again we have another article from the masters of tabloid journalism, the British press. Now before any Brits get pissed off at me the American press isn’t much better but our friends across the pond have elevated it into at art form, but I digress. The article I linked to is using the specter of exploding e-cigs and vaporizer batteries. Let’s see one example. 

Last night an elderly woman was fighting for life in Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, after her oxygen supply – she was recovering from a hip operation – was allegedly ignited by an e-cig on Friday. 

Not surprising really, e-cigs and vaporizers have heating elements in them. Even the slightest spark would set off an oxygen fire. This sounds more like bad judgement rather than the e-cig’s fault.Also was she already in the hospital when the explosion happened? Even though they’re not analog cigarettes they still shouldn’t be used in hospital rooms even if it’s just for etiquette reasons. 

Now let’s look at the other examples the article sites…

A barmaid from Richmond, North Yorks, revealed last week how one left on charge behind her bar burst into flames, set light to her dress and singed her skin.

And firefighters have been called to house fires caused by exploding electronic substitutes, including one at a nursing home in Chesterfield that left a woman dead.

Ok, I’m not going to lie to you. There are some crap products out there that could be potentially hazardous. If you buy your vaping items from a less than reputable source you could be getting some third-world produced knock off that could do some damage. 

These stories of explosions suffer from what I call the plane crash effect. You always hear about the planes that crash but you never hear about all the flights that make it safely to their destinations all around the world. 

How many stories have we seen about exploding laptop or cellphone batteries yet no one is calling to have them banned are they? So what makes vaping different? Again I have to refer to the cosmetics of it. Since it looks like smoking it must be just as bad. 

Am I saying that vaping is 100% harmless? That still remains to be seen but I highly doubt it’s as bad as the smoking that made us take up vaping in the first place. 

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