UK: Keep Calm but Don’t Vape

Electronic cigarettes to be regulated

Before I get to the article from The Guardian I want to address the picture they used. It’s also the one I posted above. Could they try to make that picture look anymore like real smoking? All that there missing is some nicotine stains photoshopped on those fingers. 

Anyway it seems that in the UK vaping and e-cigarettes are being demonized in the media much like they are here in the US and they’re using the same old buzzword too….POISON. *gasp* Let’s take a look at the headline from The Guardian shall we?

E-cigarette poisoning figures soar as vaping habit spreads across UK

And it’s the same old misdirection as articles in the US press. People aren’t being poisoned by vaping. They’re being poisoned by irresponsible use of the nicotine juice. 

People won’t remember that from the article though. All they’ll remember is the headline with which they’ll correlate vaping with poison. 

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