Silly Vapers, flavors are for kids

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) The D stands for Dumbass.
Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) The D stands for Dumbass.

Recently at a Congressional budget hearing concerning the FDA, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley had the following to say about e-cigs and vaping in general…

” Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon said that the makers of e-cigarettes have a tendency to target young people through sweet-flavored vaping devices and strawberry-flavored cigars, in an “insidious strategy to addict our children to nicotine.”

I’m surprised he didn’t say the words bubble gum and cotton candy. They seem to be the flavors of choice from the ant-vaping crowd. Like I’ve said before I guess adults are only allowed to have flavors like tobacco, menthol, liver and onions and Ben-Gay. My current favorite flavor happens to be a mix of tobacco and chocolate. Not as bad as it sound but I digress. 

As far as the strawberry cigars go Senator Merkley is obviously out of touch as what they’re really used for. Considering he’s one state over from Washington and in Oregon he should know this. Maybe he’s never been to Portland. Anyway the flavored cigars aren’t there to lure kids to smoke, not tobacco anyway. They’re mostly used to make blunts

Another thing mentioned in the article is that vaping is a gateway to smoking. I seriously doubt that. Most people who vape are former smokers looking to quit. I know of no one who went straight to vaping without ever touching a cigarette. 

Just more clueless government sponsored fear since the government isn’t getting their cut like they do with tobacco. 

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