The 2013 Trenchie Awards


13 years in a row blah blah blah…

Best Movie: Man of Steel. Finally, a Superman movie where he beats the shit out of things. Was that so hard? I also had no problem with the ending and I’m sure it will be used to set up a future storyline in the series.

Best Album: Lay My Soul to Waste by A Pale Horse Named Death. This was a flawless album and the first one I’ve heard in a while. Everything that was great from their first album is even better in this album. If you’re a fan of Type O Negative you have to get this album. Honorable mention to Super Collider by Megadeth.

Worst Album: 13 by Black Sabbath. It’s not a horrible album but it didn’t live up to the hype. It felt very derivative of their classic albums.

Best TV Show: Agents of SHIELD. Much like Arrow it’s well written and has plenty of inside geek references to keep it interesting.

Best Comic: Deathmatch by BOOM Studios. Take 32 pastiches of iconic comic book heroes and villains and pit them in a deathmatch tournament to save the world. The 12 issue series kept me on the edge of my seat and constantly looking forward to the next issue.

Worst Comic: The Infinity storyline from Marvel Comics. Never before have I become bored with a storyline so fast.

Best OS: Repeating as Champion is Voyager. The Xubuntu based Linux distro was even better and faster with version 13.10.

Worst OS: Windows 8.1. Let’s bring the Start Button back like everyone wanted but have it go to the crappy Metro menu. Great job Redmond.

Dumbasses of 2013: Whoever it was that came up with the ludicrous pot smoking gay tryst scenario that supposedly proves the West Memphis 3 are innocent. That’s even too far-fetched for a bad TV police drama script.

Most Inane Political Agenda of 2013: Everyone who is trying to get e-cigs and vaping banned just because it looks like smoking. Let’s take something that has helped multitudes of people quit smoking and ban it. Makes sense.

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of 2013: I hate to say it because it shows that I acknowledge that she exists, Miley Cyrus. We get it. You’re an ‘adult’ now. And you know someone told her that sticking out her tongue in every picture looks good. She’ll be in the ‘Where are they now’ files soon enough.

See you next year hopefully.

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